M Series BLDC Motor Driver
for Handheld Mixer

Developed for professional chef and industrial kitchen, Xuperb introduce the latest self-developed AI algorithm to help food precess easier.

  • FOC technology
  • 8 bits professional MCU for faster calculation
  • Wide AC input range from 70Vac to 275Vac
  • 155Vdc/310Vdc available
  • Maximum power 1100 watts
  • Maximum 17000 RPM
  • IPM intelligent power module invited
  • CW/CCW optional
  • Linear speed control
  • PWM or potentiometer control interface
  • Power factor correction ready



Product Advantages

Self-developed AI Algorithm

Real-time interactive with outside environment for best movement

High Bus Voltage 155/310Vdc

110Vac/230Vac rectified to 155Vdc/ 310Vdc directly, no power supply

Built-in FOC Technology

FOC(Field Oriented Control)  Technology Provides Vector Control

One Touch CCW Self-clean Mode

Counter clockwise clean mode, Easy clean up after use

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