10 Best Podcasts to Listen to at work

Without Fail offers candid conversations with people who have done hard things in life. Hosted by Alex Blumberg, he dives into his guest’s accomplishments, what worked, what didn’t, and why. The brain doesn’t go to sleep when we stop concentrating on something. It goes into its default mode where it gathers and processes information and self reflects. If you deny the brain its downtime, you may feel anxious and fatigued, and you may inhibit your ability to learn, remember, and perform at your best. And while it’s good for the brain to work hard, it’s not so good for the brain to multitask.

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Spreadsheets, expense reports, follow-ups—they can all feel like a lot of time spent without much reward. Doing these tasks in silence can get mind-numbing, but tuning into an engaging or inspiring podcast while you complete them can make you feel like you’re getting more out of this time. If you’re not much of a morning person, listening to Michael Hyatt’s Lead to Win podcast can help you turn your day around before you even start it. Each podcast episode features different tips on solving your problems, increasing productivity, and getting more out of life. In a nutshell, it attempts to help its listeners achieve all they want out of their professional life as well as their personal life. But even though it’s super interesting, I can put it on in the background while I’m focusing on something else. While romance may not be something that necessarily promotes productivity, a lot of the relationship advice on Modern Love is totally applicable to life in general.

The truth is, there are not always enough hours in the day to get everything done. And that is not good for neither your productivity nor your health. Working at a desk can cause back and neck pain in little to no time, which can and will cause a lot of discomfort and lack of concentration. You might think this is common due to many reasons like sitting posture, or not being used to staying seated for extended periods of time, but in reality it’s due to poorly designed working space.


Sure, this is a paid app, but the volume and quality of the content on offer here is seriously impressive. At the end of a long, hard day at work, it can sometimes be difficult to switch off. Without proper rest at night, however, you’ll never be at your best during the day, which in turn can lead to forgetfulness, an inability to concentrate, irritability, and even anxiety. You’ll spend roughly https://remotemode.net/ a third of your life at work — possibly even more if you own or run a business — so it makes sense to be happy while you’re doing it. So, we rounded up 16 podcasts that are actually great for workouts. You grab your headphones, you grab your phone, and you hit up the same ol’ playlist you’ve been running to for years. The Daily is a news podcast and radio show by the The New York Times.

  • And sometimes that means knowing exactly what music you like and constructing a playlist scientifically proven to make your workout better.
  • Since podcasts are usually free and generally educational, many people listen as often as possible.
  • Oprah invites guests who have something evocative to share about mindfulness, gratitude, and cultivating an appreciation for life.
  • If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to stay on top of everything, Beyond the To-Do List is a great podcast to help you stay focused, positive, and in charge of all aspects of your life.

Or, you can throw on a podcast or audiobook while your warm-up and cool down, but listen to music during your most important lifts. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of 10 of the best podcasts for improving your working life, helping you to be happier, healthier, make better decisions, and even get better sleep at the end of a long, hectic shift. Assessment is something we don’t think or talk about enough in learning and development, but it’s one of the keys to transforming the impact of what we do in L&D. This episode is a bit different from others – it’s me reflecting on some key takeaways and themes from this year’s Assessment Summit. Here’s a list of some of the best podcasts to listen to while you run or workout. Covering a wide range of topics, tune intoThis American Life if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, which coincidentally, is a lot of us these days.