BLA Series High Speed BLDC Motor
for Ventilation Systems

Conventional AC motors have a life of only 500 hours and require manual replacement of carbon brushes, while our brushless DC motors offer up to 4000 hours of life and are maintenance-free. Energy savings of up to 50%, in today's high energy prices, replacing AC motors is the best choice.

  • High Speed up to 4,000 RPM
  • Big Air flow
  • High Durability no maintenance service needed
  • Excellent Efficiency, power factor can be up to 99%
  • 800watts high power
  • No extra power supply needed
  • Low Electric Consumption
  • Long Life Span>8000 hours

Xuperb Can Customize The Products You Want

Model BUS Voltage Input Rated Power Diameter Hight No-Load Speed (rpm) Torque (kg.m)
BLA-80 155/310 VDC 80W 84mm 48mm 3,000rpm±8% 0.7
BLA-150 155/310 VDC 150W 84mm 48mm 3,000rpm±8% 1.2
BLA-300 155/310 VDC 300W 84mm 65mm 8,000rpm±8% 2.1
BLA-600 155/310 VDC 600W 84mm 65mm 8,000rpm±8% 4.1


BLA Series High Speed Brushless DC Motor for Ventilation Systems, Cooling Exhaust Fan

In recent years, brushless DC motor fans have become increasingly popular due to their energy saving, durability and superior performance. Unlike traditional fans, brushless DC fans use electronic commutation to control motor speed, saving up to 65% of energy compared to traditional fans. A brushless DC motor fan, also known as a brushless DC motor fan, is a fan that uses a brushless DC motor to drive the fan blades. These fans are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and durability. BLDC fans don't have brushes that wear out over time, making them more durable and long-lasting.

Brushless DC motors are suitable for any kind of ventilation application where the noise level of the ventilation system is particularly important and significant energy savings are required due to continuous operation. It is also suitable for applications that require the use of other sensors or controls to control ventilation systems on demand. In order to meet the needs of the majority of ventilation product customers, Xuperb motor constantly introduces new products with new ideas, providing better and better service.

(1)【Durability】BLDC fans have a longer service life than traditional AC fans. The absence of brushes in the motor means less wear and tear, reducing the risk of motor failure. Brushless DC fans also generate less heat, reducing the pressure on the motor and extending its service life. Xuperb brushless DC motors are designed to last 70 percent longer than popular AC motor models, reducing the need for replacement.

(2)【Less noise】BLDC exhaust fans operate quietly, making them ideal for use in homes, offices, and other environments where noise can be distracting. The electronic reversing system reduces motor noise and vibration for smoother and quieter operation.

(3)【Energy Efficiency】BCompared with traditional AC fans, brushless DC fans have high energy saving performance. They use electronic commutation to control the speed of the motor, which reduces power consumption. So brushless DC motor fans use up to 50% less power than popular AC motor exhaust fans. This energy efficiency translates into cost savings and helps reduce the carbon footprint of homes and commercial buildings.

(4)【Better Performance】BLDC fans offer superior performance compared to traditional AC fans. They can be programmed to run at specific speeds, resulting in better control over airflow and ventilation. BLDC fans also offer better airflow and cooling, making them ideal for use in hot and humid climates.

Product Advantages

Advance MCU for BLDC Motor

16Kx32bit high speed MCU handle data faster than ever

High Bus Voltage 155/310Vdc

AC direct rectified to 155Vdc/310Vdc, higher efficiency and better cost control

Built-in FOC Technology

FOC(Field Oriented Control) Technology Provides Vector Control

High Precision Tooling

high precision hardware toolings ready for high speed rotation

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