BLA Series High Speed BLDC Motor
for Ventilation Systems

Conventional AC vacuum cleaner motors have a life of only 500 hours and require manual replacement of carbon brushes, while our brushless DC motors offer up to 4000 hours of life and are maintenance-free. Energy savings of up to 50%, in today's high energy prices, replacing AC motors is the best choice.

  • High Speed up to 4,000 RPM
  • Big Air flow
  • High Durability no maintenance service needed
  • Excellent Efficiency, power factor can be up to 99%
  • 800watts high power
  • No extra power supply needed
  • Low Electric Consumption
  • Long Life Span>8000 hours

Xuperb Can Customize The Products You Want

Model BUS Voltage Input Rated Power Diameter Hight No-Load Speed (rpm) Torque (kg.m)
BLA-80 155/310 VDC 80W 84mm 48mm 3,000rpm±8% 0.7
BLA-150 155/310 VDC 150W 84mm 48mm 3,000rpm±8% 1.2
BLA-300 155/310 VDC 300W 84mm 65mm 8,000rpm±8% 2.1
BLA-600 155/310 VDC 600W 84mm 65mm 8,000rpm±8% 4.1

Product Advantages

Advance MCU for BLDC Motor

16Kx32bit high speed MCU handle data faster than ever

High Bus Voltage 155/310Vdc

AC direct rectified to 155Vdc/310Vdc, higher efficiency and better cost control

Built-in FOC Technology

FOC(Field Oriented Control) Technology Provides Vector Control

High Precision Tooling

high precision hardware toolings ready for high speed rotation

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