BLC series
BLDC motor for Ceiling Fans
with economical design and better performance

Since 2018, Xuperb has been working with ceiling fan manufacturers around the world to improve and reduce costs for brushless DC motors. Whether it is the Indian market, which requires high air volume and high speed, or the European and American markets, which are mainly based on air circulation, we have prepared the best solution.


  • Suitable for 48/52/56 inches blades
  • Plastic/Steel blades compatible
  • 12V/24V/Hybrid solutions
  • CW/CCW optional
  • Power factor up to 99%
  • 28~80 watts for different applications
  • LED lighting ready
  • Alexa or on-chip voice control ready
  • IR/RF optional

Xuperb Can Customize The Products You Want

Model Rated Power Bus Voltage Blade Size Max RPM Diameter Weight
BLC-1215 33watts 12Vdc 48 370 150mm 2.1Kgs
52 330
56 240
BLC-1222 39watts 12Vdc 48 390 220mm 3.3Kgs
52 350
56 260
BLC-2415 33watts 24Vdc 48 370 140mm 2.1Kgs
52 330
56 240
BLC-2422 39watts 24Vdc 48 390 160mm 3.3Kgs
52 350
56 260


Noiseless Reversible Brushless DC Motor for Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can provide decorative decoration for any space, suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, garages, farmhouses, pavilions, low-key rooms, and can even be installed outdoors in humid places. In addition, ceiling fans with DC Motors are popular for their many favourable features including their energy efficient motor and quiet performance.
Brushless DC motors provide more options, such as low fan speed, energy saving, not disturbing neighbors during long nights outdoors, effectively moving air and reversing, efficiently changing air flow.

(1)【POWERFUL】 Powered by Brushless DC Motors (BLDC), the ceiling fan can generate superior air movement and energy efficiency compared to traditional fan motors.

(2)【ENERGY EFFICIENT BLDC TECHNOLOGY】 An energy-efficient brushless DC motor allows the fan to deliver superior efficient air delivery with high RPM while consuming only low power. No unnecessary heating of the motor. Brushless DC Motor ceiling fans consume only a few watts, keeping your energy bill low. They are designed for energy efficiency and consume 65% less power consumption than ordinary fans.

Traditional fan always adopt AC universal motors, which makes more noise. Powerful BLDC motors are tuned to produce an inaudible frequency. The noiseless motor allows the ceiling fan to be suitable for most room types such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room. Which brings comfortable sleeping, creating a quiet living environment, consistent strong power supply.

(4)【REVERSIBLE】Equipped with a CW/CCW optional motor, the ceiling fan is easily reversible between Clockwise (Summer Mode) and Counterclockwise (Winter Mode), making it energy-efficient and cost-effective all year round! In addition, for the better efficiency of brushless DC motors, fans can also provide more precise control. Precisely adjustable speed settings allow you to adjust the airflow according to your needs.

Product Advantages

100% Pure Copper

BUilt-in Smart senor and controller,sweet sleep everv night

High Precision Tooling

BUilt-in Smart senor and controller,sweet sleep everv night

Low Iron Lost Silicon Steel

selected industrial strength cold rolled sheet with high magnetic-flux

High Quality Ferrite

Better ferrite make stronger torque and less heatrun

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