BLD series BLDC Motor
for Hair Dryer (with Driver)

Designed for professional beauty care with more compact size and cost effective. Built-in PCB driver, we can redesign the shape of PCB for you.


  • Max Speed: 120,00RPM
  • Rated Input power: 120W
  • Weight: ~65gram
  • Size: Dia31*L50mm(including rubber)
  • Resistance/phase: 52ohm
  • Incutance/phase: 4.7mH
  • Rated wind speed: 24m/s max @120,000rpm
  • Rated wind pressure: 110g @110,000rpm
  • Lifetime: 1000H Min(10min on, 3min off))
  • Noise: 80dB at distance 30cm

Outline Size

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Model BLV-1227
Motor type:
DC Brushless motor
Permanent Magnet
Input AC Voltage: 110V/220Vac Continuous Current(A):
1A rated
120,000RPM Rated
IE 1
bi-drection controllable
Speed control:
Rated wind speed: 24m/s max @120,000rpm Rated wind pressure: 110g @110,000rpm
Resistance/phase: 52ohm Incutance/phase:  4.7mH
Lifetime: 1000H Min(10min on, 3min off)) Temp. rising: 50K Max
Inrunner rotor+iron core stator
Speed control: 120,000/115,000/110,000rpm
Fan blade: Dia27-13 Alloy Noise: 80dB at distanc 30cm
Weight: 65gram Size:
Dia31*L50mm(Including rubber)
Typical Applications:
hair dryer



120W Brushless DC Motor for Salon Equipment and Hair Dryer

(1)【Powerful Brushless Motor】Equipped with a unique self-developed 120,00 RPM high-speed brushless motor, the airflow of hair dryer can quickly output through the annular air duct, and the wind speed can blow further per second, fast dry, cut half your drying time. Powerful airflow dries hair 2x faster than conventional blow dryers. Salon quality blowouts in a fraction of the time.

(2)【Low Noise Technology】Traditional hair dryers always adopt AC universal motors, which makes more noise. Powerful BLDC motors are tuned to produce an inaudible frequency. At the same time, the built-in high sound insulation air intake device ensure a low noise environment for each hair dryer user. Enjoy salon-quality results without the disturbance of loud noise.

(3)【Long Operating Life & Precise Control】Traditional hair dryers often use AC universal motors, which have a short service life. BLDC motors offer high efficiency and controllability, and that they have a long operating life. In addition to their better efficiency, BLDC motors can also deliver more precise control—which in turn can further extend the life of the hair dryer. Brushless DC motors can achieve precise control of various speed and application integration needs. Motor high precision balance, small vibration during work, giving users a perfect experience.

(4)【Ultra Compact Size】As the AC general purpose motor is always large and heavy, it is very difficult to design a beautiful hair dryer with it. In order to adapt to market demand, make better hair dryers. The integrated design of Xuperb brushless DC motor and fan blade reduces the volume and weight, and the drum-type fan blade ensures the uniform and fast wind. For the hair dryer has become small and lightweight, you won't feel tired even after long-term use. Compact structure to greatly save space, is the ideal companion for family and travel.

Product Advantages

120 Watts DC Power

Heavy duty design for longer running time and better performance

Built-in High Quality Driver

Built-in high quality driver with controller: speed+heater

110,000RPM Ultra Speed

Ultra high speed running push more air flow in a minimum diameter

Ultra Compact Size Weight 220g

Smallest size powerful hair dryer month on this planet

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