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Vacuum Clean BLDC Motor

Conventional AC vacuum cleaner motors have a life of only 500 hours and require manual replacement of carbon brushes, while our brushless DC motors offer up to 8000 hours of life and are maintenance-free. Energy savings of up to 50%, in today's high energy prices, replacing AC motors is the best choice.


  • High Speed up to 80,000 RPM
  • Higher Vacuum Pressure
  • Big Air flow
  • High Durability no maintenance service needed
  • Excellent Efficiency, power factor can be up to 99%
  • 800watts high power
  • No extra power supply needed
  • Low Electric Consumption
  • Long Life Span>8000 hours


Xuperb Can Customize The Products You Want

Model BUS Voltage Input Rated Power Diameter Net weight Max Efficiency Max Air Power Motor RPM Max Vacuum Max Air Flow
BLV-4560A 12 VDC 150W 45mm 105g±5% ≥40% ≥60W 63,000rpm±8% ≥17.3KPa ≥8.1CFM
BLV-4568C 18 VDC 200W 45mm 120g±5% ≥40% ≥80W 73,000rpm±8% ≥17.0KPa ≥8.4CFM
BLV-5268A 12 VDC 120W 52mm 180g±5% ≥48% ≥58W 90,000rpm±8% ≥15.0KPa ≥10.9CFM
BLV-5268B 21.6 VDC 120W 52mm 190g±5% ≥48% ≥58W 90,000rpm±8% ≥15.0KPa ≥12.1CFM
BLV-6534B 25.2 VDC 300W 65mm 330g±5% ≥49% ≥134W 80,000rpm±8% ≥24KPa ≥25.1L/s
BLV-86 155/310VDC 700W 86mm 460 g±5% ≥43% ≥250W 50,000rpm±8% ≥21KPa ≥38.7L/s
BLV-106 155/310VDC 700W 106mm 900g±5% ≥41.5% ≥250W 31,400rpm±8% ≥18KPa ≥37.3L/s


Xuperb Brushless DC Motor for Vacuum Cleaner

At present, most of the vacuum cleaners on the market use AC motors or PMDC motors. Due to the limitation of carbon brush, AC motor and PMDC motor have the disadvantages of short life, large volume, large weight and low efficiency.

(1)【Powerful Suction】Due to the vacuum cleaner industry's new requirements for small size, lightweight, long service life and high-performance motors, Xuperb motor have developed ultra-high speed brushless motors that can reach up to 80,000 RPM. A vacuum cleaner equipped with a high-speed brushless motor at 80000 RPM, its speed is more than twice that of an ordinary 30,000 rpm brush motor. Therefore, the upgraded brushless motor cordless vacuum cleaner can provide powerful suction. BLDC vacuum cleaner can stably output high power and super suction, which can effectively remove all kinds of ground dust to meet your various cleaning needs (dust, pet cats, debris, etc.) on hard floors, carpets, stairs, and cars.

(2)【Easy to Clean】For the power efficiency of household fans powered by brushless DC motors, they can also be designed to be used with batteries, paving the way for cordless vacuum cleaners. The rechargeable vacuum cleaner is convenient to use anytime, anywhere, making cleaning easier and more convenient. As an added advantage, brushless DC motors are smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to AC motors, which is the best choice for lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners. Lightweight vacuum cleaners with BLDC motor keep you from getting tired when cleaning. Efficient cleaning leads to an elegant life.

(3)【Enjoy a Quiet & Comfortable Cleaning】In addition, brushless technology makes it less noisy and lasts longer. The innovative brushless motor of a vacuum cleaner provides you with a quiet cleaning experience. No worries about disturbing the family or pets, you can always get restful cleaning whenever you need it with pet vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

Product Advantages

Advance MCU for BLDC Motor

16Kx32bit high speed MCU handle data faster than ever

High Bus Voltage 155/310Vdc

AC direct rectified to 155Vdc/310Vdc, higher efficiency and better cost control

Built-in FOC Technology

FOC(Field Oriented Control) Technology Provides Vector Control

High Precision Tooling

high precision hardware toolings ready for high speed rotation

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