BLB Series BLDC Motor
for Food Processors

Conventional AC motors have a life of only 500 hours and require manual replacement of carbon brushes, while our brushless DC motors offer up to 8000 hours of life and are maintenance-free. Energy savings of up to 65%, in today's high energy prices, replacing AC motors is the best choice.


  • High Speed up to 14,000 RPM
  • High Durability no maintenance service needed
  • Excellent Efficiency, power factor can be up to 99%
  • 1500watts high power
  • Lower Noise Higher Torque
  • No extra power supply needed
  • Low Electric Consumption
  • Long Life Span>8000 hours


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Model BLB-200 BLB-400 BLB-500 BLB-1000 BLB-1500
Power 200 Watts 500 Watts 500 Watts 1000 Watts 1500 Watts
Input Voltage 110/230Vac
Input Frequency 50/60Hz adaptive
BUS Voltage 155/310Vdc
Capacity of the mixing cup Hand mixer/ below 1000ml blender 2000ml
Durability of the mixing cup -20℃C~120°
Rotation CW/CCW
Control Impluse, Full Auto, Favor Mode Menory, 5 Fatory Presetting, Self-Cleaning
Display RPM/Power Consumtion, Error Code
Remote RF (Optional)
Noise level 68 db 85 db
Protector Safety protector, Motor thermal protection
Max speed: 9000r/min 14000r/min


BLB Series Brushless DC Motor for Food Processors, Blender

(1)Food processors tend to be among the noisiest appliances in the kitchen, much noisier than dishwashers and washing machines. Food processors are so loud because they are fitted with a conventional brushed motor that spins at more than 20,000 RPM to limit expenses and increase efficiency. You can remove your food processor from the wall, place a towel or rubber pad under it, or use a soundproof box to reduce some of the noise. But that doesn't completely solve the problem.

(2)Brushless DC motors have several advantages over brushed DC motors, including greater torque per watt (higher efficiency), higher reliability, lower noise, longer life, elimination of ionizing sparks from commutators, and overall reduction of electromagnetic interference. For bars and restaurants alike, brushless DC motor mixers will be a highlight and saving grace for your establishment.

(3)【Powerful yet Quiet Brushless DC Motor】BLDC motors also offer high durability and low electric noise generation, thanks to the lack of brushes. Unlike the common universal motor, food processors with brushless motors can work very quietly compared to other food processors. However, the lack of noise does not mean that it is less powerful than a conventional motor. The advantages of brushless motors over brushed motors are high power to weight ratio, fast speed, almost instantaneous control of speed (rpm) and torque, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs. Our brushless DC motor provides high speed of up to 14000 RPM and high power of 1500W, which is sufficient to meet most food processing needs.

(4)【Excellent Efficiency, Controllability, and Longevity】
The second big advantage of the brushless DC motor is that the BLDC motor can be controlled, using feedback mechanisms, to precisely provide the desired torque and speed. Precision control also reduces energy consumption and heat generation, saving up to 65%, in today's high energy prices, replacing AC motors is the best choice. The brushless DC motor blender has a low temperature rise, so it can work continuously for a longer time. Without brush/commutator erosion, the brushless DC motor brings more extensive life expectancy (8000 h) and maintenance-free experience.

Product Advantages

100% Pure Copper

High quality copper consume less power give more output

High Precision Tooling

High precision hardware toolings ready for high speed rotation

50,000RPM High Speed

Ultra high speed running push more air flow in a minimum diameter

20 Times Longer lifespan

Without brush this motor is maintain free with 8000+ hours lifespan

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