BLF Series BLDC Motor
for TPW Fans

Since 2018, Xuperb has been working with TPW fan manufacturers around the world to improve and reduce costs for brushless DC motors. Whether it is the Indian market, which requires high air volume and high speed, or the European and American markets, which are mainly based on air circulation, we have prepared the best solution.

  • Suitable for 12/14/18 inches blades
  • Same structure of AC motor for easy replacement
  • Plastic/Steel blades compatible
  • 12V/24V/Hybrid solutions
  • Power factor up to 99%
  • 28~40 watts for different applications
  • Digital oscillation control
  • Alexa or on-chip voice control ready
  • IR/RF optional

Xuperb Can Customize The Products You Want

Model BLF-1225S BLF-1225L BLF-2430S BLF-2430L
Power 25 Watts 25 Watts
Input Voltage 110/230Vac
Input Frequency 50/60Hz adaptive
BUS Voltage 12Vdc 24Vdc
Working Temp. -20℃C~120°
Rotation CW/CCW
Control Impluse, Linear, Favor Mode Menory, 5 Fatory Presetting
Display RPM/Power Consumtion, Error Code
Remote RF (Optional)
Protector Safety protector, Motor thermal protection
Max speed: 1350r/min 1400r/min


BLF Series BLDC Motor for Wall Mounted Fan, Floor Fan, Table Fan and Pedestal Fan

(1)【LOW POWER CONSUMPTION】Product design in the home appliance market is currently undergoing a paradigm shift towards energy efficiency. As a result, the fundamental design philosophy of many products is changing. Electric fans are no exception. The trend of reducing power consumption and increasing functionality has reached the electric fan market. Recently, fans using brushless DC motors, known for their lower power consumption compared to traditional AC motors, have begun to gain a foothold in the market. Due to the power efficiency of household fans powered by brushless DC motors, they can also be designed to be used with batteries, paving the way for wireless fans.

(2)【PRECISE CONTROL】Another advantage of our brushless DC motor is that its superior controllability. In contrast to conventional AC motors, which are typically limited to about 3 individual speed Settings, brushless DC motors offer continuous variable speed control, even with standard models. Efficient, compact and lightweight brushless DC motor allows smooth airflow regulation of the electric fan. In addition, electric fans powered by brushless DC motors are also capable of smoothly oscillating while performing complex motion sequences. As a result, these fans produce a gentle breeze that is comfortable even for long periods of use.

(3)【COMPACT DESIGN】As an added benefit, brushless DC motors are smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to AC motors, also allowing for a more stylish design for the wall mounted fan, floor fan, table fand pedestal Fan. Compact, lightweight, energy efficient, highly controllable brushless DC motors are taking the electric fan market by storm.

(4)【SILENT STRONG BLDC MOTOR】The traditional fan mostly uses AC general motor, which is noisy. Powerful brushless DC motors are tuned to produce an inaudible frequency. The noiseless motor enables the electric fan to operate silently at high speeds, making the fan suitable for most room types, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room.

Product Advantages

100% Pure Copper

High quality copper consume less power give more output

Plug-in Replace AC Motor

Size designed according to the existing model with AC motor

Wide AC Range 80~275Vac

25% extra redundant power supply with wider input range

High Quality Ferrite

Better ferrite make stronger torque and less heatrun

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