Xuperb Motor
Fascia GUN BLDC Motor

Since 2018, Xuperb has been working with TPW fan manufacturers around the world to improve and reduce costs for brushless DC motors. Whether it is the Indian market, which requires high air volume and high speed, or the European and American markets, which are mainly based on air circulation, we have prepared the best solution.

  • Suitable for 12/14/18 inches blades
  • Same structure of AC motor for easy replacement
  • Plastic/Steel blades compatible
  • 12V/24V/Hybrid solutions
  • Power factor up to 99%
  • 28~40 watts for different applications
  • Digital oscillation control
  • Alexa or on-chip voice control ready
  • IR/RF optional

Outline Size

Xuperb Can Customize The Products You Want

Classification Size Model Power Torque Speed
Professional Bodybuilding 14~16mm BL5530
about 100 Watts
Athlete Level 10~12mm BL5520
about 60 Watts
General Fitness 10mm BL5025
40-50 Watts
Women And Medical Rehabilitation 8~10mm BL4825
30-40 Watts
Portable 6~8mm BL4020
25 Watts/40 Watts

Product Advantages

100% Pure Copper

High quality copper consume less power give more output

Plug-in Replace AC Motor

Size designed according to the existing model with AC motor

Wide AC Range 80~275Vac

25% extra redundant power supply with wider input range

High Quality Ferrite

Better ferrite make stronger torque and less heatrun

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