A Lesbian Affair

A Lesbian Affair

I used to cry my eyes out about it, I hated being called psycho HATED it. In this episode, Jess introduces Robin who joins her for a discussion about coming out and explores why staying in the closet on a selective basis can be a matter of self-protection. She talks about how being a daughter to Chinese parents in an American setting shaped her. There are talks about love, heartbreak, endings, death, but also her first romantic experiences.

Connection Revealed: Part 11 (#

Covering everything from history and politics to pop culture, LGBTQ podcasts are as diverse as the queer community. She deliberates on what it means to reach a level of confidence and authenticity, the act of triumph that can… Founded in 2015 in Pretoria, GaySA Radio is managed by two friends, Henrik Baird and Ethan Baird. At its early phase, Hendrik involved GaySA Radio with a number of urgent LGBTQ+ issues, one of which included leading a successful campaign to have US gay-hating pastor Steven L. Anderson banned from South Africa.

A podcast for women who love women.

Emma Willmann and Matteo Lane’s podcast is my favorite queer snack. In each episode, they talk about wide-ranging topics. A given ep might be a deep dive into the specific anxiety of being a top, or insight into their relationship with their mothers, or unsolicited dating advice for Mariah Carey and Pete Davidson. S a queer-identifying https://lesbianlife.net/ person, I’ve found that it’s hard to come by news outlets covering LGBTQ+ politics in a nuanced and intersectional way. Heck, pinpointing media that speaks directly to me and my experiences as a queer person can feel near impossible. That’s why, as of late, I’ve been tuning into podcasts to scratch my itch for LGBTQ+-focused content.

Lamb’s mother is a hard-working, creative seamstress who cannot reveal she is a lesbian. Lamb’s brother has a brilliant mind and has even earned a college scholarship for a black college up north– if only he could curb his impulsiveness and rebellious nature. It’s a good thing that mainstream publishers are embracing books with queer content. They’re more accessible to the general public through bookstores and libraries. But the down side is that, as more queer books are available from major publishers, their books are beginning to dominate some online book discussion spaces.

These podcasts should get you through any challenges 2023 brings. Waiting rooms, long bus rides, cleaning out basements, working out, all of these will be a snap. Plus, any of these can lead you to more good audio drama and fiction podcasts. But there aren’t limits to the imaginative escapes audio drama and fiction podcasts provide. There are enough exciting audio drama and fiction podcasts in the world that any sane person could cancel their television and movie streaming services and stay happily entertained for perpetuity.

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There are reflections on the notions of shame and pride, citizenship, legal discrimination, what it takes to do oral history work, and the ethics of being a conduit for voices of the usually… The Lesbian Romantic podcast is a fan-supported show. That means I don’t interrupt the story with ads, but instead ask listeners who find value in my work to give back.

Podcasts are similar to radio programs in form, but they exist as audio files that can be played at a listener’s convenience, anytime or anywhere. Together they interview people from all over the gender and sexuality spectr … Find out when Doris Anderson takes a deep dive into lesbian culture.

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Meet Fen & Kerry, two women who have earned a reputation as just that. Both work for ‘Letterbox Library’ in London and also happen to be a lesbian couple. In this episode, we explore historical shifts within the community, and also how the terms ‘queer’ and ‘lesbian’ have changed in what they signify depending on generations. Fen and Kerry reflect on their relationship, how it all started, coming out, and why certain friendships can at…

The bonus Easter Egg is Tom Crowley and his multi-faceted performances as the supporting male cast. Gideon Mediasurprises audiences again, this time focusing on faith, power, and identity. The stories Mac Rogers, Jordana Williams, and the company create best are about perspective and consequences for those who don’t or can’t interpret the situation from multiple angles. The orientation can be described in the dialogue or otherwise mentioned. Roles include lead, main, recurring, supporting, and guest.

His short stories, poetry and essays have appeared in several anthologies and literary journals including Agni, RFD, Classic Gay Love Poems, Joseph Beam’s Brother to Brother and E. He is currently the country director for Population Services International in Burundi. Your monthly roundup of history, news, and the field of sapphic historical fiction. The book follows a family striving to better their lives in the late 1930s Jackson, Mississippi.