XB Series Personal BLDC Blender
with AI Speed Controller

“Compact but powerful. Amazing design!”

--Андрей Колпаков, SVEN company

  • DESIGN FOR HEALTHCARE: Tailored for health-conscious people to meet the daily intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and vitamins as well as more sophisticated cooking needs
  • POWERFUL BLENDING PERFORMANCE: Easily handle vegetables and fruits, all kinds of meat and ice cubes can be easily crushed. Mixed foods are also welcome
  • SAVE POWER SAVE MONEY: Use powerful BLDC motor, built-in high-performance MCU to run high-speed FOC algorithm, automatically sense the type of things and give the best blending solution
  • QUICK & EASY CLEANUP: Benefitted from the Bi-direction rotation of the BLDC motor, the automatic cleaning function is cleaner and more convenient than the one-direction AC motor.
  • AI ONE-TOUCH BLENDING: Eliminate cumbersome setup functions and press the start button to give you the smoothest juices, milkshakes, smoothies, minced meat and more
  • COMPACT DESIGN : Same power and better performance BLDC motor size is much smaller than AC motor, make less noise. Compact but more space for your desire
  • Xuperb Applications
  • Xuperb Applications

Product Features

CCW Self-Clean

CCW Self-Clean

Counter clockwise self-clean function make more enjoyment
 AI Algorithm

AI Algorithm

Real-time interactive with outside environment for best movement
Save 40%+ Energy

Save 40%+ Energy

Benefited from BLDC motor and driver, our blender save more power than AC mixers


Designed for handling meat, vegetables, fruit, grain and most type of foods
High DC Bus Voltage 155/310Vdc

High DC Bus Voltage 155/310Vdc

110Vac/230Vac rectified to 155Vdc/310Vdc, higher efficiency and better cost control

Product Specifications



BUS Voltage


Input Rated Power




Net weight


Max Efficiency


Max Air Power


Motor RPM


Max Vacuum


Max Air Flow


FOB Zhongshan
BLV-4560 12 VDC 150W 45mm 105g±5% ≥40% ≥60W 63,000rpm±8% ≥17.3KPa ≥8.1CFM USD 11.86
BLV-4568 18 VDC 200W 45mm 120g±5% ≥40% ≥80W 73,000rpm±8% ≥17.0KPa ≥8.4CFM USD 12.45
BLV-5268 12 VDC 120W 52mm 180g±5% ≥48% ≥58W 90,000rpm±8% ≥15.0KPa ≥10.9CFM USD 12.55
BLV-5268 21.6 VDC 120W 52mm 190g±5% ≥48% ≥58W 90,000rpm±8% ≥15.0KPa ≥12.1CFM USD13.43
BLV-6534 25.2 VDC 300W 65mm 330g±5% ≥49% ≥134W 80,000rpm±8% ≥24KPa ≥25.1L/s USD 22.35
BLV-86230 155/310VDC 700W 86mm 460 g±5% ≥43% ≥250W 50,000rpm±8% ≥21KPa ≥38.7L/s USD 45.22
BLV-106355 155/310VDC 700W 106mm 900g±5% ≥41.5% ≥250W 31,400rpm±8% ≥18KPa ≥37.3L/s USD49.21

Advance FOC Technology
Advance FOC Technology

Built-in FOC(Field Oriented Control) Technology Provides Vector Control, advance algorithm guarantee better performance and less power consumption
155/310Vdc  Bus Voltage
155/310Vdc  Bus Voltage

High DC Bus Voltage 155/310Vdc, from utility 110Vac/230Vac rectified to 155Vdc/310Vdc directly, higher efficiency and better cost control, no power supply invited
Ultra Compact Motor
Ultra Compact Motor

Benefited from the high quality NdFeB magnet and tri-phase sine wave inverter technology, our 500watts motor size is 60% smaller and 40% lighter, make your blender more powerful but light weight

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